Our Philosophy

Toni Barton

After a 17 years in corporate marketing roles, Toni Barton decided that she wanted to grow her own food. Being part of a sustainable food system that could prove as an example to future farmers that mass production was not the only option. Toni committed to her 200 acre property in central Victoria, Australia, that she would leave it in better condition than when she found it.


Utilising low stocking rates, building infrastructure that allowed sheep to cell graze in tree lined paddocks with plentiful food and water was the way to ensure that over grazing did not occur.


Selecting the breed, Australian White, not just for their exceptional eating quality but because they have been bred for Australian conditions meant that Toni didn’t have to rely on the use of chemicals and unnecessary treatment programs.


To create an income where the farm philosophy was viable, Toni embarked on direct to consumer strategies that ensure that everyone got paid, including her.

Consumers have responded overwhelmingly to Toni’s lamb meat products, where she has grown 500% in sales over the last 3 years.


Direct customer relationships means that she was able to identify consumer and meat industry gaps. The main problem Toni identified was that there was no authentic, artisan non-pork based smallgoods.


After years of learning and trialling with artisan charcuterie methods, Toni, along with her mother and father support created a range of smallgoods, made from 100% Australian Lamb.


The award winning products have quickly made waves in the consumer space with more and more customers seeking alternatives to pork based smallgoods.


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